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Mary meets Michael

Hello everyone this is Mary again and such a lot has happened since I last spoke to you all.

But first let me say a big THANK YOU to Gemma, Louise, Ellie, Josh and all the children and grown ups who came to see me in church, I really like it when you stoke my head that feels really nice.

Well now let me tell you all about my amazing visitor. I was playing in the children’s play area with all the toys when I decided to go a little further forward and explore some of the other pews.

I found one pew with lots of vases, bottles, pots and some green blocks of squashy stuff. I tried eating some of the green stuff but it didn’t taste very nice then I saw some lovely dried flowers that had big seeds on the tops of the stalks.

I love seeds and so I set about enjoying them, they really tasted good, the only thing was that most of them were stuck in a very tall vase. When I had finished all the ones on the floor that were within easy reach I was still  a little bit hungry.

“I am sure I could manage just a few more seeds” I thought. Now if I could just climb up onto the pew seat and then lean over and reach the tops of the stalks that would do it . If I could manage to pull just one of the stalks towards me that would be enough.

I got up onto the seat, no problem, and reached out as far as I could but even on the tips of my toes I could not hold the stem for long enough to eat the seeds. I pulled in my tummy and balancing on my back legs, reached as high as I could. Leaning right over on the edge of the seat I managed to grab the stem with my front paws but then  - Oh Dear I could not get back. Suddenly I was suspended between the pew and the stem. My back legs started to shake and wobble and suddenly I was in mid air swinging towards the stem. The was a loud “snap” the stem broke and I was tumbling over and over down and down. I tried to grab at something, anything but I landed hard with a “plop” at the bottom of the stems and inside the glass vase!

There I was at the very bottom of the glass vase which was very tall and very slippy I tried to climb up but I kept slipping back and every time I tried to climb up a stem they broke, I was too heavy. “Of dear oh dear,” I cried “I shall be trapped in here forever.” I felt very lonely and frightened and a tear ran down my whiskers I was soooooooo miserable and I wished I had not eaten so much.

Then I heard a “tap tap tap” on the side of the glass. On the other side stood a very handsome large brown mouse who smiled at me and said” Don’t worry I will get you out.”

Who was this mouse and just how will he get me out?

Well now children perhaps you could write in and let me know what you think the handsome large brown mouse will do to help me get out of the vase.  Next time I write I will tell you exactly what happened and the exciting end of this story.

That’s all for now don’t forget to let me know how you think I get out of the vase and I will let you know the answer soon.

Mary – the church mouse.






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